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Thanks to the Pension Protection Act of 2006, you'll no longer have to pay federal income tax on an annuity s proceeds if you use those proceeds to pay for long-term-care coverage. That means that the chronically ill or disabled will no longer have to rely solely on a regular long-term-care insurance policy or Medicaid to fund their medical and non-medical care.

Our LTC Portfolio is a set of asset-based insurance products with long-term care benefits, providing consumers with options to help them plan in case of long-term care expenses. By using the time-tested concepts of life insurance and annuities as their foundation,LTC portfolio can provide value for some of retirement’s most challenging hurdles: living a long life, LTC costs, asset accumulation, and wealth transfer.

LTC Portfolio is designed to help clients protect their assets by using the security of life insurance to provide long-term care benefits. When a one-time premium is utilized, clients receive a guaranteed amount of life insurance. All of this can be used for qualifying long-term care expenses. In addition, the premium is credited with a guaranteed interest rate and the cash value increases each and very month. You can securly save at a competetive interest rate and use the investment proceeds tax-free if you ever need long-term care. 
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